Thursday, 22 March 2018

Vetëvrakh - Demo IV

This must have sold out within hours, if not minutes, as the evening of release it was unavaiable from the label's webshop and many affiliated distros. Fortunately, I was able to get it from Discogs at effective retail value - fortunately the "flipping" culture hasn't yet reached all trade routes out of Bosnia. It's like the modern-day Silk Road, but with basement dwelling mouth-breathers instead of traders. 

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Blood Fortress - Our Mother of Blood (For Whom we Fight)


I'll concur with merit that a month may be a long time for a new blog to keep it's audience in situ, but if I believe in anything, it's that quality far supercedes quantity. But the Woods have been busy drawing in victim after victim into their arms, and the output may be relatively high these next few days...

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Elitist - Elitist

Elitist - Elitist

The only release so far by Elitist is a more recent effort, but one indisputably worthy of having its named carved into the hallowed Oak here. Elitist's work is high-end black metal, produced with gusto and sheen, while refusing to compromise any of their integrity and aggression.

Showcasing an unbridled talent for writing great songs, every instrument is audible and the material reminds me of the earlier days of Gorgoroth, Marduk, Absu, and so on...

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Sauts Alastor - Sauts Monastery

Sauts Monastery are one of a very small number of Malaysian acts that have ever come to my attention, and like most bands from Malay, their material is hard to obtain.

This is a rip of the first demo cassette from 1997. I've never owned this material, but this was sent to me by a band member during an email correspondence a while ago.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Fortiis - X-Seke

Fortiis is a relatively obscure / long-forgotten Italian act from the turn of the Century. The last demo "X-Seke" was released in 2004, to a seeming lack of public interest. This is a huge shame, as the 96 people that own a copy are quite lucky. The demo consists of a number of short tracks, combining black/death vocals eerily similar to Jason Mendonca's work on Akercocke's 1998 debut "Rape of the Bastard Nazarene".

Friday, 2 February 2018

Crystalium - Whirlwinds of Fire We Ride

This was my first attempt at scanning, and I've also included a picture of the cassette, for traders to verify authenticity. I hope it's ok.

Vinterland - It's Here I Belong

As one of the most beloved Swedish metal bands of all time, and one of the pioneers of Melodic black metal, it's always been a mystery that the two Vinterland demos have never been available, re-released, leaked, or posted online as a sample or two.
Well, this is the second demo. I found this via a private trade a long time ago, and feel it's long overdue that this is posted. It's as excellent as the full-length, "Welcome my Last Chapter" (sic), and if anything, this further cements the short-lived groups legacy as figureheads of the Swedish scene.
Regrettably, this comes without scans, but i'll take a victory whenever I find one, and pyrrhic is the last thing that this is.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Moonblood - Warriors of the Apokalypse

Image result for moonblood logo

There is no mention or information about this release anywhere online, so provided that my source is correct, we either have a very rare, unreleased Moonblood EP (consisting of tracks featured in later releases), or a fake.

I believe this is real, as it was given to me personally by none other than Rahoorkhut of Coven of the Worm - who I write to and trade with on occasion. He got this from Moonblood members in the 90's, and has little memory of it's history.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Allumn - Helm of the Dead

Allumn - Helm of the Dead

Allumn is a solo project by a mysterious young lady in the USA - this alone blows my mind, as there aren't enough of them out there in this environment. Given the choice, i'd sooner swallow this pill than anything put out by Myrkur or the trendy bitches giving us a bad reputation. Could this finally be the first thing since Astarte to get us all excited again? Of course it can. 

Darkmoon" opens with some soft harmonic pieces reminiscent of the work on Burzum's "Hlidskjalf". It works its way into some folk-style acoustic guitars, building up gently into an assault that hits like nothing I can recall. Her vocals are amazing - harsh, hoarse growls that can only come from the lungs of a chain-smoker, and this lady is incredibly talented. The track stops abruptly with no warning, leaving the listener wondering what just happened. Utterly intentional, and very surprising.

Devil's Island / Begravelsesnatt - Warriors of Night / Reh. 2012

As both sides of this split have a different cover art, I made the above image myself. Choose whichever you like the most.

This tape consists of two Polish groups - Devil's Island are an eerie band with synths and keyboards overlapping a raw black metal sound, reminiscent of Moontower, Kataxu, Dark Fury, Saltus and Infernum. They also have two other demos available.

Begravelsnatt's only known material is available exclusively on this split, making this post the first time you'll ever hear them, unless you own this tape already. (If not, why not?!)
Their material is slightly rawer, and carries the old-school black metal aesthetic. Both bands would literally hate this being on here, but when your music is actually this good, people need to hear it. 

Black Candle - Winter of Wrath

The quirky and unusual "Black Candle" are well known as being one of the earliest, and to this day, only black metal bands from the tiny region of Luxembourg. Now based in Saarland, Saarbrucken (home to many excellent German artists, including the prolific Andreas Bettinger), the group are nestling into that scene, and recently played live in Saarbrucken.

Like many bands associated with that circle, there's a number of early demos from the mid to late "nineties" that are effectively long lost, or impossible to find online. This is one such release, and is Black Candle's second tape.