Thursday, 22 March 2018

Vetëvrakh - Demo IV

This must have sold out within hours, if not minutes, as the evening of release it was unavaiable from the label's webshop and many affiliated distros. Fortunately, I was able to get it from Discogs at effective retail value - fortunately the "flipping" culture hasn't yet reached all trade routes out of Bosnia. It's like the modern-day Silk Road, but with basement dwelling mouth-breathers instead of traders. 

Vetëvrakh's latest is a half-an-hour opus horribilis, consisting of the usual raw theatrics, moistened somewhat with some nice acoustics and chilled sections somewhat breaking down the toughened gristle that holds this entire piece together. It's officially one track, but if you constitute each change and breakdown as a seperate entity, there's a good three or four recordings here.

As a stand-alone piece of work, this is a decent tape well worth the toil committed unto it, and as an entity with a starchy and impressive back catalogue already, the gestation period between "III and IV" has certainly not been for naught.

"IV" is a little bit of an endurance test for those not into lengthy tracks, or ADHD; which may in-fact rule out a number of modern day black metal "fans", but that's what we want, so more of this please.
For those that take and pass the test, "IV" is Vetëvrakh's finest recording to date.

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